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Function yew::suspense::use_future

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pub fn use_future<'hook, F, T, O>(
    init_f: F
) -> impl 'hook + Hook<Output = SuspensionResult<UseFutureHandle<O>>>
where F: FnOnce() -> T + 'hook, T: Future<Output = O> + 'static + 'hook, O: 'static + 'hook,
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Use the result of an async computation, suspending while waiting.

Awaits the future returned from the first call to init_f, and returns its result in a UseFutureHandle. Always suspends initially, even if the future is immediately ready.


use gloo::net::http::Request;

const URL: &str = "\

fn WikipediaSearch() -> HtmlResult {
    let res = use_future(|| async { Request::get(URL).send().await?.text().await })?;
    let result_html = match *res {
        Ok(ref res) => html! { res },
        Err(ref failure) => failure.to_string().into(),
    Ok(html! {
            {"Wikipedia search result: "}


When used in function components and hooks, this hook is equivalent to:

pub fn use_future<F, T, O>(init_f: F) -> SuspensionResult<UseFutureHandle<O>>
    F: FnOnce() -> T,
    T: Future<Output = O> + 'static,
    O: 'static,
    /* implementation omitted */