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Trait yew::functional::FunctionProvider

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pub trait FunctionProvider {
    type Properties: Properties + PartialEq;

    // Required method
    fn run(ctx: &mut HookContext, props: &Self::Properties) -> HtmlResult;
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Trait that allows a struct to act as Function Component.

Required Associated Types§


type Properties: Properties + PartialEq

Properties for the Function Component.

Required Methods§


fn run(ctx: &mut HookContext, props: &Self::Properties) -> HtmlResult

Render the component. This function returns the Html to be rendered for the component.

Equivalent of Component::view.

Object Safety§

This trait is not object safe.



impl FunctionProvider for Suspense

Available on crate features csr or ssr only.

impl<T> FunctionProvider for PhantomComponent<T>
where T: BaseComponent,